User Generated Videos to Engage Consumers at a Personal Level

In March 2011, Neo@Ogilvy rolled out Sri Lanka’s first user generated video contest. Running parallel to Coca-Cola’s “BRRR” thematic ATL campaign, we asked consumers to share their own “BRRR Moments” in a small video clip.

A shiver of delight is the embodiment of refreshment as you take a swig of ice cold Coca Cola. It’s what makes it so satisfying. By bringing that shiver to life and making it easy to share in the feeling of refreshment, Coca Cola would help users express themselves socially in a cool way whilst highlighting and enhancing the product offer too! The challenge is, how to get Sri Lankans to express this feeling of shivering refreshment at a social level?

Campaign Objectives
With the increasing penetration among the youth on digital media platforms, including Facebook, Coca-Cola wanted to use digital as a medium to create hype among the youth around the BRRR campaign. Objective should be to engage the youth audience deeply with the BRRR concept, and inviting them into a conversation, creating brand impressions on digital platforms.

How Did We Do it?
With the incentive to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab, users were encouraged to create their own BRRR videos, update their status and celebrate the feeling of ‘Brrr’ with their friends. The most innovative and most voted video will win.

What Did We Achieve?
Within 4 weeks of campaign period, we received 30 user generated videos of “BRRR Moments” of their lives. Facebook fan page went up to 30,000 fans in just 4 weeks and the videos were shared over 500 times on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Estimated number of 38,000 views were recorded for all 30 videos cumulatively within just 4 weeks of posting them online.

Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka has met Google's requirements to attain recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.