Neo@Ogilvy takes Online Videos to the Next Level in Sri Lanka

The competitively growing Sri Lankan energy drink market now builds on a host of ‘image building’ campaigns for brand promotion and brand visibility to better the product’s reach to Sri Lankans. Red Bull rode on an advantageous streak of digitally stimulated campaign with the return of world renowned stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer to Sri Lanka to do a street tour this year.

Red Bull is a brand closely associated with adventure and extreme sports across the world and for as long as we can remember people identified Red Bull with these types of activities. Fast paced ‘adrenaline pumpers’ that leave your senses thrilled and wanting more! As a part of this approach, Red Bull Sri Lankan invited the world renowned stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer for a performance in Colombo and Jaffna.

Campaign Objectives
And what was the challenge posed to the agency? Not very many in Colombo and Jaffna knew who Chris Pfeiffer is! As the social media agency for Red Bull in Sri Lanka, Neo@Ogilvy was assigned the task of “socializing Chris” within the Facebook and Twitter communities in Colombo.

How Did We Do it?
Chris Pfeiffer had visited Sri Lanka in 2009 when the separatist war was waging on, and the public response to the 2009 event was not up to a level we would expect during a peaceful time like today. However the visit had proven productive since there were some good photographic and video content created during this 2009 event, which caught the attention of Neo@Ogilvy team immediately.
Neo@Ogilvy saw how although the pictures and videos made from the 2009 event were posted on YouTube and other social networks, such materials were virtually lost in the World Wide Web and nobody actually noticed that content!
This essentially was the ‘light bulb moment’ for the Neo@Ogilvy team. The goal was to now spur online hype about the return of Chris Pfeiffer through making the existing content from the 2009 event go viral and thereby draw crowds to watch his street stunt shows performed in Colombo and Jaffna.
Neo@Ogilvy devised a multifaceted reach with several avenues being utilized. The centre element of the campaign was the YouTube video featuring Chris and the 3W driver and images of the same stunt were used as supporting materials on platforms where video content were not supported.
‘Click to play video’ ads through Google Adwords were used for the first time to promote the event and thereby a brand in Sri Lanka. The YouTube video of the Pfeiffer stunt with the trishaw was promoted as a ‘click to play’ campaign on websites where users could merely click on the displayed frame of the video and watch it onsite without being redirected to YouTube, which was a first in a digital promotion campaign in Sri Lanka.
What Did We Achieve?
The news was carried by numerous online news, gossip and online community sites and generated immense hype prior to the event as many websites and blogs featured the video and a related story around it. The result in terms of the video’s status as a viral piece was the increase of the number of ‘views’ from less than 1000 to 40,000 plus in a matter of two weeks. The same video was downloaded and re-posted on many other YouTube channels and Facebook pages and sent as email attachments, which added a huge number of unaccounted exposures to the video.
“Chris & the Trishaw guy” image was shared on Facebook for more than 3,000 times which got an estimated viral reach of over 900,000 Facebook accounts. Moreover, the message popped out from online to offline and people started talking about this “three-wheel stunt” at their offices, schools, and bus stops.
The end results were remarkably successful with the central objective being achieved as crowds thronged to watch Pfeiffer in action in both Colombo and in Jaffna.

Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka has met Google's requirements to attain recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.