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Facebook is a customized platform where people come first.  Everyone must defend the newsfeed. It is the primary platform which keeps us glue to Facebook. Our efforts have to be allowing people to come back to newsfeed rather making them hate the newsfeed. We have to defend the feed because if you see a bad ad on TV you think the brand sucks. If you see a bad ad on Facebook you think Facebook sucks.As a marketer do not create ads always create feed that sells. That is one reason why Facebook creativity matter.

Once Mark Zuckerberg stated “advertising works most effectively when it’s in line with what people are already trying to do.” People are trying to communicate in a certain way on Facebook – they share information with their friends, they learn about what their friends are doing – so there’s really a whole new opportunity for a new type of advertising model within that. We took hundreds of years to perfect the TVC for the TV, print for Newspaper and Magazine, Outdoor for Billboards so what happens when we design from media-first approach with Facebook and Instagram? Instead of simply posting the entire TV Spot or 3-min Film on our walls. Now let’s look how we can inspire on Facebook creativity.

Inspiring Facebook creativity ideas

Before we move into advanced stuff first let’s get the basics right.

#1: Quality matters

Facebook is a text and image base platform. Whatever the image you use has to have quality in it. It is okay to invest in high quality photographs.  Do not use clip arts, blurry images and low quality lit up images.

#2: Use your skills in photography

Smartphones take high quality images.  When you are using the smartphone for photography keep in mind about the angle of light. Do not overcrowd your photo with multiple things. Importantly do not hesitate to use filters accordingly.

shoot for quality

#3: Tone of voice

Not only had the imagery the tone of voice of the post also mattered. Try local language on your Facebook postings. Always stick to what is more important and sometimes you can include a call to action as required according to your objective.

tone of voice

#4: Do not bombard the feed with commercials

People come to Facebook not to see the commercials when they are interacting with their friends and loved ones. Remember your content is up against baby and cat videos, fighting for people’s limited attention. Try to stand out when people are scrolling so quickly with their thumbs.

#5: Optimize for autoplay

Most of the commercials would not work in autoplay on mobile without sound. But you can do a Facebook version of the commercial where subtitles are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and make you want to read it. Not the typical small white text at the bottom of your screen. Therefor resulting in better results.

#6: Use the slideshow

If you have couple of photos rather putting them as an album use the slide show approach to combine three to seven pictures to form a simple, yet captivating video. This makes it easy to ensure people with less than optimal connection speeds still get to watch your video ads.

#7: Three seconds audition

In a video content on Facebook first three seconds matters. You have to be creative enough to grab the attention of the people from the first three second. Following are some tips on getting attention of the first three seconds.  Use clear establishment of your brand or the story, use eye catching frames, harp on your celebrities and make it relevant for your target audience.

#8: Embrace on the silence

According to the Facebook data 74% people watch videos without sound.  Use imagery to bring the brand into life in a total new way.

embrace on silence

#9: Tell a story

Your efforts on Facebook has to be on telling a story rather than worrying about the time. If you can get the attention time doesn’t matters.

Follow these Facebook creativity steps to create more engaging newsfeed for all of us.

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