Facebook creativity-Getting max out of the Facebook


Facebook is a customized platform where people come first.  Everyone must defend the newsfeed. It is the primary platform which keeps us glue to Facebook. Our efforts have to be allowing people to come back to newsfeed rather making them hate …

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Facebook drives initiative to further reduce clickbait


Facebook has declared war on the clickbait activities on the newsfeed. According to the Facebook Newsroom, the main objective of this initiative to show people the stories most relevant to them. So what is the big deal with clickbait headlines?Facebook is doing …

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Social commerce the next buzzword?

social commerce

Heidi Cohen, a marketing consultant, defines social commerce as is the evolution and maturation of social media meets shopping. Social commerce (sometime abbreviated as “s-ecommerce”) is a term often used to describe new online retail models or marketing strategies that …

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Viral Video Content – How?


If you are a regular user of Facebook, then by now you may have noticed that most of the content on your Facebook wall is video content.  You might also have heard the word “viral” but you may not know …

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It’s simple use a Google image


You might have heard this, “one picture is worth than thousand words.” The problem arises when you try to find that one picture.  You might be thinking why it is so hard to find that picture.  The answer is if …

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Definite guide to run an effective Facebook contest

Untitled-1 copy

At least once in your life you might have participated in a Facebook contest.  These days every Brand page on Facebook seems to be giving something every day. Facebook contests are one way that you can increase your engagement on Facebook.  Follow …

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Oh! Awesome, it can be measured


Do you know the main difference between digital advertising and traditional advertising? If you know the difference then you are a pro marketer. If you don’t know the difference there is nothing to worry because we are going to learn …

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Everything you need to know about content marketing


Content marketing has become the next buzzword in the digital marketing sphere. Even though many marketers speak about this some are still unclear what it actually is and how to take benefit from content marketing. Let’s start from the basics. …

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Preparing for the next billion internet users


The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013. The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014. In another three years’ time there will be four billion internet …

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Neo@Ogilvy Digicast – March 2016

Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka has met Google's requirements to attain recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.