Display Advertising

Reach the right consumers for your brands efficiently, through granular targeting, and real-time media buying.

Display Advertising

Digital display media is one of the fastest growing sectors in advertising. As clients become more sophisticated in the way that they measure success and attribute value, we’re able to use a variety of display tactics to activate media ideas that span both brand and performance objectives.

In Sri Lanka, display banner advertising is an underutilized method of advertising. Most brands do not fully leverage the potential of placing display banner ads on relevant content across the web, and drive qualified prospects to their website.

We at Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka, provides sophisticated media buying and planning solutions for local brands to deliver their advertising messages to perfectly matched target audiences scattered across the web. Rather than spending your entire digital advertising budget on placing a display banner ad on one website, we can help you to maximize the efficiency of your digital advertising budget by delivering your banner ads to multiple placements on the internet.

We believe that Sri Lankan brands in the FMCG and service sectors have the best potential benefits to gain from display advertising, while more niche type brands can effectively use their budgets to reach particular target audiences.

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