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Search Marketing

Search marketing is a proactive, intent-driven category, and it should play a constructive role in any marketing campaign. Whether the goal is building a brand, filling out a form or driving traffic into a store, search captures the demand that’s generated elsewhere. It’s marketing malpractice not to capture existing demand out there before spending money to generate more demand.

Today, your brand’s home page is not your corporate website. People start searching for your brand by typing it on Google, and all links that appear on a search engine results page have a part to play in building your brand’s image. This is why it is highly important for all brands to actively manage their search marketing process.

Neo@Ogilvy offers a full range of Search Marketing solutions to Sri Lankan clients, ranging from Search Engine Optimization, to Pay Per Click Advertising. As one of the larger global search marketing agencies, we are able to gather the learnings of our paid and organic search specialists around the world.

In the Sri Lankan context, we believe small and medium sized businesses operating in the industries of travel, tourism, retailing, and any export oriented sector are the best potential beneficiaries of search marketing. Contact Neo@Ogilvy to learn more about how we can help you to kick-start your Search Marketing campaign.

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