Audi Q7: Be in it, Believe in it.

Client: Audi


Audi was the smallest player, in a growing German SUV market in Sri Lanka. Having won global awards for its interior and top of the line sound system is the Audi Q7 is an exceptional piece of German metal. How do we launch this truly special SUV in a memorable way?


We target the Audi Q7 to 100 busy individuals, who did not have a lot of time in their schedules we made sure that they attend this launch went we made sured that at the launch itself. Sales which will lead to follow sales. Limited budget


We asked the guests to set their own date and time that was convenient to them.

The Venue? World’s First Personalized SUV launch inside the SUV.

A unique space, where they experienced the launch, inside the SUV followed. This was followed by an actual test drive.


90% of the invitees turned up and experienced the Audi Q7 inside and out. We sold 75% of our annual target in the form of confirmed purchases at the launch itself. That is a 440% staggering increase from the total number of Q7’s sold in 2012,2013 & 2014. Audi Colombo sales grew by 50% in Quarter 1 of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015 due to the innovative Q7 launch.