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Client: Ceylinco Healthcare

Through strategic use of digital media, Ceylinco Healthcare was able to precisely target friends and families of cancer patients, and achieve up to 41% increase in revenue.


Ceylinco Healthcare launched Tomotherapy™ in Sri Lanka.


Even though Tomotherapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy to cancer, the sensitive nature of the topic of cancer meant that it was not possible to reach the target audience through traditional media.


Based on our insights we discovered that caregivers of those who were connected with a cancer patients used to research a lot on the internet on topics like cancer treatment and cancer research. We proceeded to reach out only to those who had such a browsing pattern, through mobile advertising. We used Facebook and Google Display Network to deliver the ads through mobile to our target group.

In order to increase the receptivity of the message, we used a Geofencing technique through radius targeting, around government & private hospitals that treated cancer. For government hospitals, we scheduled the ads to deliver only during visiting hours; for private hospitals we scheduled the ads to be aired only during those times when oncologists were visiting the hospital.


The campaign totaled a massive 6.5 million impressions during a period of  4 (non-consecutive) months. It ran during Oct 2015-Sep 2016. Assuming an average frequency of 2 impressions per person, this was equal to 3.25 million people reached. On a monthly basis, this was equal to 1.6 million impressions (or 800,000 unique reach) per each month, whereas target was 500,000 average reach per month (i.e. 60% above target).