Coca-Cola Say it with Coke campaign

Client: Coca Cola


Coca Cola is the world’s household beverage name and one of the most recognized brand names in the world.

Coca Cola being a global brand and their philosophy being to spread happiness, introduced “Share A Coke” campaign in Australia.

The concept was simple, find a Coke bottle with your loved ones name and share a coke with them.


Locally taking in the local insights, Ogilvy developed the campaign that used words where people could express themselves and connect with their friends and family to create awareness and the excitement on the “Say it with Coke” campaign.


Ogilvy Media created integration with youth / core target audience programmes / properties on mass media to establish the “Say it with Coca-Cola” campaign. The integration extended to Television teledramas, musical properties, radio drive times and newspaper content. Front page insert of youth orient magazines were also included.
Strong ATL presence utilization, TV being the lead medium with the heavy support of radio, print, digital & OOH.


Created the required media impact for the campaign and the integration created the talk-ability and required action for the campaign. Achieved a 5+ 66% on television for the campaign.