Dump your Garlic Girlfriend

Client: Clogard

By the use of comedic symbol of Garlic following you around like an overly attached girlfriend, Clogard managed to create hundreds of conversations around a most socially awkward problem.


Clogard launched its mouthwash through strategic use of Digital Media.


Clogard Mouthwash, a part of the Clogard portfolio, was still in its infancy stage that required the need to develop an innovative campaign to establish the brand in the oral care market among the target growth. How do you generate conversations around something people don’t want to talk about openly?


Sometimes big ideas starts off as a light hearted joke in the boardroom.

People are often intrigued by bizarre conversations that happen on social media that a gives a sense of a comedic relief. The “Sudulunu Adare” campaign depicted a story about a guy who was in a relationship with garlic. Garlic here symbolizes bad breath, similar to an overly attached girlfriend, who is always around the guy and never lets him have a personal space. This lack of personal space hinders his daily social life completely. Bad breath, just like an overly attached girlfriend, will always be on your side and never let you go, which in turns affects your social interactions. The only way to get rid of the “Garlic girlfriend” is by using a Clogard Mouthwash.

The campaign ran in two phases, first to create intrigue and then to educate. The intrigue phase had 2 teaser videos, to create this sense of curiosity about the bizarre relationship. These teaser videos have been shared by most of the community pages on Facebook giving more reach and visibility. The education phase had a compilation video supported by the integration of 2 offline activations, establishing how mouthwash can help you get rid of bad breath. These two activations were held at Diyatha Uyana, Battaramulla and Savoy Premier.


The campaign turned out to be a very successful campaign that had both online and offline presence, with its comical and bizarre approach, it helped to communicate the core concept about fighting bad breath in a simple and attractive way. The results speak about the success of the campaign, with the main compilation video and the movie activation video achieving 1 Million + views!

The teaser videos followed with achieving over 300,000+ views, and overall achieving 100,000+ interactions in total, suggesting that the campaign was most successfully rooted in our target group.