Liyaka Mahima

Client: Hemas


Sri Lanka’s leading beauty soap brand Velvet launched ‘Liyaka Mahima’ (a platform to appreciate and reward women) on International Women’s day last year. So this year we wanted to reach out to these women again, but we needed to do it differently. We needed to do something special.


A woman plays multiple roles in her life and she makes a huge impact on everyone around her. There is nothing compared to the love and sacrifices that she makes. However, a lot of these little things she does go unnoticed and is taken for granted.

So what is the best way we can get their loved ones to appreciate her?


We went out onto the streets and spoke to husbands, fathers, sons, and grandchildren to ask them how they appreciate these women in their lives who do so much for them. Their reactions were priceless and what they had to tell these women in their lives was absolutely heartwarming.


This video brought tears and smiles to thousands of people as they watched, empathized and even acted on it and appreciated the special women in their lives.