Milo fuelling the winning spirit

Client: Nestle

The brand Milo is a Chocolate Malted drink owned by Nestle Lanka PLC, which is positioned as a breakfast beverage for kids. The big idea for the brand is “Fueling the winning spirit” as the brand platform is sports.


Milo has utilized a creative media execution property “fueling the winning spirit” slide, which engaged with the target audience at the most receptive touch point.


With the new big idea for the brand “Milo fueling the winning sprit”, the media task was to establish the big idea at the most receptive moment of the target audience which will establish the idea well in their mind.


From the outset, the ICC Cricket world cup was about to commence during the same period and Ogilvy negotiated a special property with the broadcasters to place a “Milo fueling the winning sprit” slide, just after the winning moment of each match as an island breaker in a form of congratulating the wining team
This property was engaging and very much receptive as it placed in the pinnacle of each match and players as well as the audience are in celebrative and wining moment at this point.


Since the property was utilized from the commercial inventory negotiated for the tournament, the brand was able to communicate to the audience at the most receptive point for a minimum cost.

Due to the level of engagement created via this property the brand has executed the same for every cricket tournament telecasted so far as well the major sporting events such as FIFA World Cup 2015 and Rugby World Cup 2016