SLIC: Call to Donate

Client: SLIC

A one of a kind campaign to create awareness about the need and importance of ‘Life Insurance’ in Sri Lanka in a unique and interesting way.


The market currently only had 12% penetration for ‘Life Insurance’ and customers were completely numb to any Insurance messages including Insurance Agents, but this campaign managed to get the message across to many Sri Lankans in a more effective manner.


The penetration levels for life insurance in Sri Lanka currently stand at a low level of 12%. Industry experts expected a considerable growth in life insurance penetration levels due to the positive economic growth of the country. Increase in disposable incomes, along with the GDP growth, creates potential for the insurance market to grow. However, ‘Life Insurance’ penetration reported a decline. Therefore, a different strategy was required to convince customers of the benefits of ‘Life Insurance’.


“CALL TO DONATE” – A platform was created for people to donate towards Cancer patients, indeed of financial support. We asked people to give us a missed call to a pre-assigned toll free short code. We donated Rs.10/- for every missed call received to ‘Sri Lanka Cancer Hospital’. The idea was to reach people at a point when they were caring about someone else to remind them about the importance of their own life and the importance of having a life insurance cover.


Generated 347,000 missed calls within 30 days. That is 11,600 calls per day. We were successful to raise Rs. 3.5 Million to financially assist cancer patients.
From this campaign ‘Sri Lanka Insurance’ gained an 8% positive growth in 2015 while the industry reported a negative growth.