The World’s FIRST EVER 4D advertisement

Client: Hemas

Velvet – The number one beauty soap in Sri Lanka was launching a new variant to the market.


The variant had unique ingredients and fragrance. People were not familiar with the Lotus and Lavender fragrance and the variant had to stand out amongst the many other variants out in the market. People choose soap based on health benefits and fragrance.


  • To introduce the new variant in a highly competitive category.
  • Induce trial & increase sales to strengthen the overall Velvet base.
  • To recruit new consumers for Velvet.


The World’s FIRST EVER 4D advertisement was created on 30th July 2014.

  • With an experience of 3D (Visual) and fragrance (Sensors).
  • The 4D advertisement was created in collaboration with Ceylon Newspapers (Pvt) Ltd (Daily Mawbima & Daily Ceylon Today).


  • The advertisement created a huge “talkability” in the category and created the much required impact for the launch of the ATL campaign. The innovation was well received by the target audience and all the set parameters were achieved.
  • Most of the morning talk shows / segments where newspaper headlines were read spoke of the innovation.
  • Feeds and updates on social media regarding the 1st of the kind innovation (ie: Gossip Book / Face Book / etc).